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Part of a Religious Minority, I’m Not Popular Enough to be Different

“Ode” is a storytelling series where community members tell true stories on stage to promote positive impact through empathy, and it is produced by Kwit-Koji: Siouxland Public Media. In this video Mark Scheffer shares his story of what it was like growing up as a Baha’i in the US, live at ISU Design West in downtown Sioux City, Iowa, USA. The theme was “Stigmas: An ode to the power of opening up.” Continue reading

A Personal Reflection on Miscarriages and Stillbirths

There are many friends and family members I know of who have suffered either a miscarriage or stillbirth, oftentimes with multiple pregnancies. I recently felt compelled to write an article addressing the matter and sharing some insights from the Baha’i Writings in the hopes that perhaps it might provide some comfort or solace to a family suffering this rarely-discussed but heartbreaking loss.  Continue reading

“Make This Youth Radiant” by Steve Zaat [Audio Track]

Baha’i Blog’s “Studio Sessions” is an initiative where we invite Baha’is and their friends from around the world to come into a studio and share the Baha’i Writings put to music.

In this Baha’i Blog Studio Session, we’re in Prince Edward Island, Canada with Steve Zaat who sings “Make this Youth Radiant” from the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha. Continue reading

A New Baha’i Board Game Called “Nunki”

How often do Baha’i board games become available? Hardly ever! Nunki is a newly created multi-category game available in English and German, and it’s the brainchild of a team of energetic and vibrant German youth. Laura, one of the team members, happily shared with Baha’i Blog some details about how the game came to be, how it’s played, and how it has been received so far. Continue reading

The Baha’i Chair for World Peace: An Overview

This video about ‘The Baha’i Chair for World Peace’ at the University of Maryland, shares an overview of what the program is about and its fundamental purpose.

‘The Baha’i Chair for World Peace’ is an endowed academic program that advances interdisciplinary examination and discourse on global peace. While drawing certain initial insights from religion, the program aims to develop a sound scientific basis for knowledge and strategies that lead to the creation of a better world. Continue reading

Wizdome – Colby Jeffers [Official Music Video]

This is the official music video for the song Wizdome, the title track of the album by Phoenix-based Baha’i rapper Colby Jeffers. Colby aims to deliver socially and spiritually conscious hip-hop music, and the song and video explore his creative process as a rap artist, which includes turning to God and the scriptures of the Baha’i Faith for inspiration when writing his lyrics. The video features various locations and murals in Phoenix and the Sunnyslope neighborhood, where Colby resides. Continue reading

Wizdome: A New Hip-Hop Album by Colby Jeffers

“Socially and spiritually conscious hip-hop that aims to uplift, educate, and inspire” is the tagline Phoenix-based Baha’i hip-hop artist Colby Jeffers uses when explaining his music, and he’s not wrong! In his new debut album Wizdome, Colby presents a diverse collection of Baha’i-inspired hip-hop tracks that touch upon a variety of socially and spiritually conscious themes, and includes collaborations with a selection of artists in order to channel the Teachings of Baha’u’llah. The results are awesome! Continue reading

#Notacrime Campaign: A Collection of Street Art (Part 3)

Elle's mural "Let's Get Some Ladies Up Here"

With the recent premiere of Changing the World, One Wall at a Time, a documentary that details the world’s largest street art campaign, we thought we’d share more images of some of the amazing murals that adorn different corners of the world. This street art for education equality campaign, titled Education is Not a Crime, or #Notacrime, aims to raise awareness of the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran, and in particular, their denial to access forms of higher education.  Continue reading

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