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Failure…You’re Doing It Wrong

Failure...You're Doing It Wrong

A young Baha’i couple has an imaginative eight-year-old daughter who spends her birthday each year painting a picture of her family on a large canvas, which they proudly display above the dining room table. Throughout the years, the couple has helped her to experiment with different artistic mediums and taken her to community workshops and classes.

For the last six months, this same couple has been hosting a junior youth group. They start with seven youth, but eventually only four come regularly, and the couple is disheartened that they must go around the neighborhood each week to invite them to attend. Alas, they report at an annual reflection meeting that they are failing to find receptive youth and are not sure that the group should continue.

In situations such as this, what motivates the couple to support their daughter’s artwork year after year, yet become disheartened by the group after six months? Surely they have come across challenges in encouraging their daughter’s developing interest.

The answer, in one word, is “perspective”. Continue reading

Is a party a party without booze? – #TalkAboutIt

Is a party a party without booze

While Australians may be some of the world’s biggest drinkers, there are of course those who never have a drop of alcohol at all. It’s often for religious or cultural reasons. But with so many of the social activities closely linked with alcohol in Australia – what’s it like? And is there a pressure to drink?

In this clip from ‘Talk About It’ on ABC NEWS 24, the show’s host Del Irani visits a dinner party at Vahid Master’s place, an Australian Baha’i living in Melbourne, Australia, to discuss the pressures of drinking.

If you’re based in Australia, you can watch the full episode here on ABC iView: #Talk About It: Series 4 Ep.1

You may also be interested in these two Baha’i Blog posts about alcohol called: Why Baha’is Don’t Drink Alcohol – A Health Perspective, and Why Baha’is Don’t Drink Alcohol – A Social Perspective.

Nabilinho Vol.III: An Interview with Nabil

Nabil - Nabilinho 864x570

Many Baha’is around the world have listened to the smooth and funky sounds of Baha’i RnB/Hip-hop duo Nabil & Karim, but perhaps many haven’t heard the solo albums of these two great artists!

One half of the well known Baha’i duo Nabil & Karim is Nabil Moghaddam – or ‘Nabilinho’ as he’s known by his Portuguese friends and fans. Of Persian descent, Nabil was raised in both Portugal and Canada and he’s a musician, sound engineer and producer who’s passionate about using the arts and music to serve the Faith and to celebrate the Revelation of Baha’u’llah. I’ve spent hours on Skype with him, and I really love his dedication and passion for the Faith, the arts, and life in general.

Nabil has just released his third solo album called Nabilinho Vol.III, where he continues to serve up smooth RnB tracks based on the Baha’i Writings, so I thought it was time to do a Baha’i Blog interview with him to find out more about his new album and the man behind the music: Continue reading

Loving Thee – Nabilinho (AKA Nabil)

Loving Thee - Nabil M

Music video for the song ‘Loving Thee’ by Nabilinho (AKA Nabil) and taken from his album Nabilinho Vol. III.

The lyrics of the song are taken from a prayer by Baha’u’llah:

“…Fill up for me the cup of detachment from all things, and in the assembly of Thy splendors and bestowals, rejoice me with the wine of loving Thee. Free me from the assaults of passion and desire, break off from me the shackles of this nether world, draw me with rapture unto Thy supernal realm, and refresh me amongst the handmaids with the breathings of Thy holiness…” ~ Baha’u’llah (Read the entire prayer here.)

You can purchase the album Nabilinho Vol.III here: Nabilinho Vol. III, follow Nabilinho on his Facebook page for updates on his music, and check out his other albums here on Nkindle Productions.

Also, check out Baha’i Blog’s interview with Nabil here: Nabilinho Vol.III – An Interview with Nabil.

Re-Telling Reconciliation – A Talk by Roshan Danesh

Roshan Danesh Re-Telling Reconciliation

Roshan Danesh presents a talk entitled “Re-Telling Reconciliation” at the 2014 Association for Baha’i Studies North America Conference in Toronto, Canada.

In this talk Roshan Danesh looks at the tragic way in which colonizing peoples treated the indigenous inhabitants of the lands they settled, such as Canada, and reflects on our responsibility as Baha’is. he starts by recounting the story of Ali Nakhjavani’s visit to Canada in 2007, where he held a special meeting with First Nations representatives in Vancouver, speaking on the importance of the First Nations peoples, and he asked them to “help us”, rather than “let us help you”.
Abdu’l-Baha attached great importance to the indigenous peoples of America who will become so radiant that they will illuminate the world. We should focus on affirmation and recognition, since reconciliation must come from the inside out, reshaping our own thinking and feeling. People in Canada do not realize why we need reconciliation, but it is a necessary requirement for the Baha’i community. We need to align our means and ends, and how we converse, talk and speak are our means. Ali Nakhjavani, before his meeting, sought out knowledge on how to be respectful, and how to communicate meaningfully, with an understanding of history. Roshan Danesh closed his talk by inviting Louise Profeit-Leblanc to demonstrate her reconciliation blanket (which you can view here), which symbolized the removal of children and the outlawing of language of culture, giving way to the beginning of reconciliation and the first First Nations representatives on the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Canada and the ultimate coming together of nations.

The Role of Religion in Today’s Society – Tom Price

Tom Price-908x511

Tom Price delivers a talk titled ‘The Role of Religion in Today’s Society’ at the Hornsby Baha’i Centre of Learning in Sydney, Australia.

Tom Price’s talks have been extremely popular on Baha’i Blog, and a lot of our readers have been requesting that we post more Baha’i-related talks on the site, so we hope you enjoy this one too!

A very special thanks to Loretta Safajou for organizing the talk, and to Qi-Jie of Nonagon Productions for helping Baha’i Blog capture the talk, and to Bobby Aazami of Fiona+Bobby Photography for the photo.

Happy listening!

A Prayer to Power Up Your Day: The Long Obligatory Prayer

young beautiful woman with closed eyes

Whenever I face a long afternoon of work with pressing deadlines, I decide to put off knuckling down and getting on with it.

But this reaction is not one of those inevitable procrastinations that nearly all of us are prone to at various times. I see it rather as an important decision which leads me to undertake a major refuelling, without which my afternoon might just splutter on in an unsatisfactory manner.

The reason I don’t start immediately on the nitty gritty of work, is that it is my time to say the long obligatory prayer as revealed by Baha’u’llah. Yes, that prayer may be said at any time, but for me, when the day is on the verge of waning, I opt for revival.

I find this prayer to be a daily energy source, the equivalent of plugging into the essence of reality for about 15 minutes to obtain the force that comes with it, a power that can mysteriously inspire and direct the rest of the day. Baha’u’llah did say, after all, that through obligatory prayer we may draw “nigh unto God.” That will do me. Continue reading

Brilliant Star – A Baha’i-Inspired Magazine and Website for Children

Pictured above is the Brilliant Star team and key contributors at their 2013 Annual Meeting. From left to right is Annie Reneau, Susan Engle, Lisa Blecker, C. Aaron Kreader, Amethel Parel-Sewell, Amy Renshaw, Donna Price, and Foad Ghorbani.

Pictured above is the Brilliant Star team and key contributors at their 2013 Annual Meeting. From left to right is Annie Reneau, Susan Engle, Lisa Blecker, C. Aaron Kreader, Amethel Parel-Sewell, Amy Renshaw, Donna Price, and Foad Ghorbani.

In the Baha’i Faith we know that “Children are the most precious treasure a community can possess, for in them are the promise and guarantee of the future”, so there’s no doubt that coming up with creative and meaningful ways to support our children is important, and that’s why I couldn’t wait to do a post about Brilliant Star!

Brilliant Star is an award-winning Baha’i-inspired children’s magazine and website aimed at children of all faiths, and invites them to explore concepts based on principles central to the teachings of the Baha’i Faith, like encouraging their development as world citizens, their appreciation for cultural and racial diversity, peace among all religions and nations, the equality of women and men, and the elimination of prejudices.

The magazine really had a profound effect on me when I was a child, and I remember how I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it whenever a new issue came out. Now, some 45 years on (yep, Brilliant Star first started in 1969 as Child’s Way and then became Brilliant Star in 1983), Brilliant Star continues to publish six times per year with subscribers in over 40 countries, coming from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and faiths.

I decided to touch base with Brilliant Star’s Editor and Creative Director Amethel Parel-Sewell, to find out more about this wonderful resource: Continue reading

Raising Money for Baha’i Projects with Kickstarter and Indiegogo


Whether it’s an individual initiative or a community-backed idea, projects in the Baha’i Faith often need resources to get off the ground. While the institutions are certainly an option for finding support, a number of Baha’is have begun taking to the web, specifically to crowdfunding sites, to find backers for their projects. And they’re finding success too.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the most popular platforms. Here are five recent successfully funded Baha’i-related campaigns. Continue reading

Create In Me A Pure Heart – Fariba Laliberte

Fariba Laliberte Create In Me A Pure Heart

In this music video, Fariba Laliberte sings ‘Create In Me A Pure Heart’, a song from her album Surrender, and based on a prayer by Baha’u’llah:

“Create in me a pure heart, O my God, and renew a tranquil conscience within me, O my Hope! Through the spirit of power confirm Thou me in Thy Cause, O my Best-Beloved, and by the light of Thy glory reveal unto me Thy path, O Thou the Goal of my desire! Through the power of Thy transcendent might lift me up unto the heaven of Thy holiness, O Source of my being, and by the breezes of Thine eternity gladden me, O Thou Who art my God! Let Thine everlasting melodies breathe tranquility on me, O my Companion, and let the riches of Thine ancient countenance deliver me from all except Thee, O my Master, and let the tidings of the revelation of Thine incorruptible Essence bring me joy, O Thou Who art the most manifest of the manifest and the most hidden of the hidden!” ~ Baha’u’llah

From Chinese, to Persian, English and Swahili, Fariba Laliberte’s music explores rhythms of the world. Inspired by the Baha’i Holy Scriptures, it celebrates diversity and the spiritual journey of the human heart.

Listen to and purchase Fariba Laliberte’s album here.

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