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Watering the Garden of our Soul

Watering the Garden of our Soul 864x550

One analogy that has developed in my head and heart recently is the notion that reading the Baha’i Writings can be analogous to watering the garden of our soul. This article was inspired by Haylee Navidi’s insightful post on farming as an analogy for community building, based on the 29 December 2015 message from the Universal House of Justice and other excerpts from the Writings, as well as recently being charged with the duty of watering a new garden where I live. Like I mean, the green stuff that grows outside. I actually had to water it. Continue reading

The Path Home: Reflections on Truth and Reconciliation

Short Documentary- The Path Home 864x486

We are very excited to share this short film commissioned by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Canada titled The Path Home, which gives a brief glimpse into the spiritual dynamic of a deeply complex conversation. Over the past six years, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada carefully unveiled the era of the Indian Residential Schools to the world. At seven national events, some 7,000 survivors of the schools shared their stories, bearing witness to both the horror and the hope of over 150,000 children that were forced to attend the schools. Continue reading

9 Great Books for Mothers

9 Great Books for Mothers

There are more parenting books out there than anyone can possibly read in a single life time. They cover everything from sleep training methods, to speciality gourmet puréed recipes, to yoga for little ones. Since I am an incorrigible bookworm, one of the first things I did when I became a mother was to poll other Baha’i mothers about what books really helped them. The following includes many of their suggestions, as well as a few others I’ve stumbled upon along the way: Continue reading

9 Breathtaking Photos from the Baha’i World Centre


The Baha’i World Center in Israel is the spiritual and administrative heart of our Faith. So it’s no surprise that images of the Holy places are always popular with Baha’is around the world. In fact our previous post of images from the Baha’i gardens is one of our most viewed. When I recently stumbled upon Californian photographer Dana Allen’s gorgeous gallery of images from a 2013 trip to Haifa I was particularly excited. They are not only beautiful photos, but also some of the more unique that I’ve come across in their treatment and view. Dana’s graciously consented to us showcasing a set here, but if you’d like to see the whole gallery, as well as more stunning photography head to his portfolio site.

Continue reading

#NotACrime: Delhi Street Art Raises Awareness

Dehli Street Art 864x486

This mural created by Harsh Raman for the #Education is not a crime campagn found on a wall in New Dehli, India features a 3D image of a young boy trapped in the wall and reaching out for pages from a book. The book has torn out pages falling to the ground which read “Education is strength,” “Education is future,” “Education is freedom,” and the campaign slogan #Education is not a crime. Continue reading

Arrayanes: Baha’i-inspired Music from Chile

Arrayanes Interview 864x550

Born in the light of the upcoming inauguration of the Baha’i Temple in Chile, I’m so excited about sharing a wonderful new musical initiative by a group of three Baha’is in Santiago, Chile who call themselves “Arrayanes”.

Arrayanes is a trio of close friends – Carlos Medina, Felipe Duhart and Eduardo Rioseco – bound together by friendship, laughter, and love of the Baha’i Faith, who set out to share their soundtrack of the vibrant community life developing around the Continental House of Worship for South America soon to be completed. The result is the creation of an album full of uplifting Latin American melodies and rhythms in pop-folk style, coupled with a compelling spiritual message.

I decided to get in touch with the three friends who have been playing together since 2011, to find out more about this wonderful initiative, and here’s what Eduardo had to say on behalf of the group: Continue reading

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