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A Collection of 15 Gorgeous Baha’i Book Covers


Book covers are a much loved graphic design medium. In fact designers regularly share galleries of gorgeous cover designs at sites like the Book Cover Archive and Beautiful Book Covers. We set out to find a collection of Baha’i books whose use of type, space, image and colour caught our eyes. As the saying goes, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when they look this good – just go ahead and do it!  Continue reading

The Resilience of the Tanna Baha’i Community After Cyclone Pam


“The Resilience of the Tanna Baha’i Community After Cyclone Pam” is an episode of “Baha’i on Air”, a New Zealand television show. It chronicles the Baha’is of Tanna, Vanuatu who demonstrated extraordinary courage and determination after Cyclone Pam destroyed their homes and communities in 2015. In the aftermath of the devastating storm they rallied their efforts to advance a process of relief, reconstruction and long-term development with devotion and service to others at its core. Continue reading

An Introduction to The Seven Valleys

The Seven Valleys

Shoghi Effendi tells us that The Seven Valleys is Baha’u’llah’s greatest mystical work, “which He wrote in answer to the questions of Shaykh Muhyi’d-Din, the Qadi [judge] of Khaniqayn, in which He describes the seven stages which the soul of the seeker must needs traverse ere it can attain the object of its existence.” A testament to the power of Baha’u’llah’s revealed words are their profound impact and effect – even if you are reading His words in a translated language and have no knowledge of its historical or literary context. However, I thought I would write a bit about the historical and literary context of The Seven Valleys  so that I could better understand what makes it Baha’u’llah’s greatest mystical work.  Continue reading

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