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How the song “Imagine” by John Lennon Compares to Baha’i Beliefs

Album cover for John Lennon's 'Imagine', released 9 September, 1971. John Lennon was born 9 October, 1940 and was murdered on 8 December, 1980.

Album cover for John Lennon's 'Imagine', released 9 September, 1971. John Lennon was born 9 October, 1940 and was murdered on 8 December, 1980.

When it comes to uplifting songs, few can match the popularity of Imagine by former Beatle, the late John Lennon (1940-1980).

It was the singer-songwriter’s best-selling single, and it is included in a list of the 100 most-performed songs of the 20th century.

I know many Baha’is who like to sing this song, although they may sometimes wonder about a few of the lyrics, so I thought that on this 35th anniversary of John Lennon’s passing on 8 December 1980 it would be interesting to have a look at Imagine to see how closely it agrees with our cherished Baha’i beliefs.

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Help Us Produce More Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions Around the World!

Baha'i Blog Studio Sessions Collage 864x486

Many of you by now have hopefully seen our series called “Studio Sessions”, where we invite Baha’is and their friends from around the world into a studio to film and record them singing a song based on the Baha’i Writings. We then make these videos and recordings available on our Baha’i Blog YouTube Channel and SoundCloud page for everyone to listen to and download for FREE. (If you haven’t heard of Studio Sessions yet, you can find out more about it from this article), or by reading on.

In a letter from the Universal House of Justice to all National Spiritual Assemblies dated 12 December, 2011, the House of Justice stated:

We long to see, for instance, the emergence of captivating songs from every part of the world, in every language, that will impress upon the consciousness of the young the profound concepts enshrined in the Baha’i teachings.

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Help Baha’i Blog Produce More Studio Sessions Around the World!

Help us produce more Studio Sessions

The team here at Baha’i Blog have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce 52 new Studio Sessions around the world for 2016 (that’s one per week)! So if you’ve enjoyed Baha’i Blog’s Studio Sessions so far, and feel like this initiative is an important one and you’d like to help us celebrate and share this beautiful Baha’i-inspired music from around the world – with the whole world – then click on our campaign to show your support!

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Virtual Tour of Local House of Worship in Battambang, Cambodia

Cambodia Local House of Worship (864x486)

In Ridvan of 2012, the Universal House of Justice announced the construction of local Houses of Worship in five regions around the world including Cambodia, India, Kenya, Colombia and Vanuatu. In this video we are taken on a virtual tour of the design of the local Baha’i House of Worship in Battambang, Cambodia which is currently being built.

Sochet Vitou Tang, the architect of this project, has described this place as a center where all people could “come to learn about life, about the environment, and the world beyond; a place where we come to build a unified world.” Battambang, Cambodia, is a place which in recent years has witnessed the emergence of a vibrant Baha’i community. Continue reading

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