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Badi Shams

Badi is a mystic at heart. His education is in economics and he made the compilation "Economics of the Future". He is retired from helping troubled youth in the school system and lives with his wife on Vancouver Island. He is a gardener and a traveller and loves classical music and his workouts. He has lived in many countries. He loves writing and is excited to start his new project called "The Mystic Economist".

Practical Economic Suggestions for Everyday Use

It is becoming more evident that the present economic system is dying out and cannot meet the needs of humanity. The gap between rich and poor is getting wider and wider, which has increased the suffering of the masses. The solutions that can heal it have been ignored. It is time to try a different course of action. We know that the Baha’i economic system will occur when the transformation of man and society has been accomplished and with it man’s awareness of his spiritual station and his destiny are realized. He will have subordinated his animal nature and will therefore behave less selfishly. At this time it is almost impossible to imagine a society that will have spiritually grown to that extent. Since we do not have the Baha’i economic system in place as yet, we may think that we cannot do anything to bring it about and we must wait for its arrival. But by introducing more of the spiritual qualities in our economic lives we are laying the foundation for such a system.

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