Three Months of Baha’i Blogging!

It’s been three months since Baha’i Blog’s official relaunch and what an amazing three months it has been! We’ve really grown rapidly in a short span of time, thanks to the amazing support of our lovely readers who have given us constant encouragement, some really great feedback and have spread the word by following us on Facebook and telling friends about us.

Everyone at Baha’i Blog is really excited about being involved with the larger efforts to encourage blogging among Baha’is. It’s been incredibly heartening to see the Baha’i Blog team start to grow from just 5 people in Melbourne, Australia to a dynamic and international community of readers and contributors from all over the world!

As of now, we have:

  • 22,023 pageviews to date
  • 755 followers on Facebook
  • readers from 129 countries out of the world’s 195! (New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Canada, Senegal, Luxembourg, Venezuela, Algeria and Bangladesh – just to name a few!)
  • 98 email subscribers and 21 RSS subscribers
  • a rapidly increasing number of guest writers (17, at present) from all over the world who have been in contact with us and are currently working on exciting new posts for Baha’i Blog!

Your 10 favourite posts were:

and with a whopping 4654 views in just a couple of days, the number one Reader’s Choice in Baha’i Blog history is…..

(drum roll)

Collis Ta’eed’s painfully HILARIOUS (and tragically spot-on)  Top 10 Signs You Are a Baha’i!

On behalf of the Baha’i Blog team, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all of our wonderful readers for the support. We’ve had an amazing few months and we hope you have too! We’d love to hear more from you in the comments or via email. Please share any thoughts or feedback on Baha’i Blog that you might have and please do contact us if you’d like to get involved or contribute!

Until then, happy reading!

With love,

Preethi, Collis, Naysan, Vahid and Farida


About the Author

Having spent the best years of her youth holed up in the library of her law school, she is now beginning her journey on a career path that is looking suspiciously unrelated to law. She is passionate about children's rights and international development. She asks for your patience and that you oblige her as these interests become evident in her contributions to this blog. It's not so much didacticism as it is her unbridled enthusiasm for the concepts of social action and service to humanity which are enshrined in the Baha'i Faith, so she apologises if she comes across as a bleeding-heart, tree-hugging, kumbaya-singing, fisherman-pants-wearing hippie at times. (She's really not. Ask her friends.)

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Discussion 10 Comments

  1. Hooray!!! What a first quarter :-) Some awesome posts, a growing reader base, and the beginnings of what I hope will be a long and fruitful project!!

  2. Welcome back Baha’i Blog. In my near 7 years of Baha’i blogging, I’ve seen blogs come and go. Nice to see that one of the blogs that started it all has returned better than ever. Keep it up.

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