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placeit-(1)It was three Fasts ago that we first launched Baha’i Blog to the world. With our third birthday right around the corner, we’ve been preparing for a big update to the site’s look and feel. And today we’re very excited to announce it to our community of readers!

Thanks to our relentlessly committed editor Naysan, and our talented group of contributors, we have some of the best Baha’i content on the web. The new design is designed to emphasize that great content. We’ve simplified the interface right down, and put the focus on our articles.

The new site is mobile friendly, providing a beautiful reading experience from your phone or tablet. In the years since we launched Baha’i Blog, mobile reading has really taken off and now represents about 40% of our readership. With the change to a mobile friendly experience we’re aiming to take that number even higher in the months to come.

Along with the new mobile view, you’ll also find a few other improved features. You can now browse through some of our most popular posts, browse posts by author as well as quicker sharing to Google+.

We’re also very excited to announce our new Videos section where we’ll be collecting and highlighting some of the best Baha’i themed video content from YouTube, Vimeo and around the web. Other enhancements include a cleaner and much improved Directory, speedier loading thanks to our improved site build, and simpler navigation with our introduction to the Baha’i Faith page right up front and centre. Since our founding three years ago, more than two thousand people have stopped by that page to learn more about our beloved religion.

We hope you enjoy the new site design as much as we do! It’s going to give us the foundation for another three years of Baha’i blogging, plus lots of exciting new additions the team has planned!

If you have any feedback about the site, bug reports, fixes, suggestions, criticisms, or congratulations, please do leave a comment to let us know!

As always we rely on our loyal Baha’i Blog readers to help make this site what it is. If you have a suggestion for a Baha’i resource, an upcoming Baha’i event, a great Baha’i video, or are interested in writing a post, please get in touch! And most importantly, the best way you could help us is to share the site with others and let everyone know about Baha’i Blog. You’ll find some social buttons for services like Facebook and Twitter below, just click your favourite and help spread the word!

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Collis is a designer, entrepreneur, writer and Baha’i. He is the CEO of Australian tech company Envato, and cofounder of Baha’i Blog / Half Light Media.

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  1. Love love love!! Thank you for all your incredible work and the tireless effort to keep us informed, uplifted, inspired, amused, thoughtfully educated and determined to strive in doing our part!

  2. Looks great and it’s oh so responsive too! Keep up the excellent work and looking forward to another great year of inspiring content.

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